Thursday, November 29, 2012

Camp Bentzon Sad Times

Oh man. I can’t believe it’s over, all those fun filled adventures and delicious meals Followed by a great concert. But still Camp Bentzon is over. all those journeys and thrilling sites we are now at school sweet school.

But it was so fun before it was over and one of the best things for me would be wallaby spotting with my two friends Jacob and Isara and Miss garden was our adult.We saw a wallaby up in the hills. Isara chased one and one near the confidence course.

Another highlight was eating Mr Coop’s Delicious meals and especially his bread. His hot dogs were yum. Burgers were delicious. and our last meal of filled rolls and chocolate fish, but every breakfast I would have muesli with fruit and honey.

A thrilling new activity for me was sailing. I learnt how to solo sail and a lot of helpful techniques and tips. We sailed to a pontoon then to typhoon a orange buoy and back to our green boat shed.

We also completed a confidence course. It wasn’t that hard to complete it because we only had to climb up a slant way ladder, and a rope ladder, monkey bars, swinging on a rope to a bank, a rope bridge and then one when you balance to a bunch of hanging tyres where you swing across them to a rope when you then slide down.

We also tried a lot of different activities such as kayaking, raft making, volley ball, bush baseball, bivouac, spotlight, Rippa rugby, Bombing off the pontoon and wharf, orienteering, Burma Trail and movie night.

unfortunately our four nights there are over we will see Kawau island sometime soon. But for now i’ll just concentrate on school and home. I have really enjoyed this experience.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Bentzon Rocks!!!

One more day. Finally the wait is over.

CAMP BENTZON HERE WE COME! Room 17 and other classes are going to Kawau Island tomorrow on a school Camp. The time we have to be here is seven in the morning  to catch the bus.

Kawau Island is 8 km off The Main Land and has barely got population on it But when we go it’s going to be swarming with people. We get there by bus then we get to Sand Spit where we swap to a Ferry where we get to travel across water. That’s gonna be fun.

Camp Bentzon Is going to be fun because there are a lot of cool things to do like Sleeping, Jumping off the pontoon into the water, Volley ball tournaments, adventure play ground and confidence course and a whole lot more.

I am looking forward, to sleeping with my friends and jumping off the pontoon and most of all the delicious food.I am also looking forward to a nice break from home.
I think a challenge for me is getting to school before 7 am to catch the bus. because of the new baby brother it is gonna be hard to do him fast enough. other than that i’m alright.

I am really looking forward to camp and I think it is going to be the best camp i’ve been to. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poems

I hate summer
It’s a bummer
its so boring
even in the morning
summer drools
winter rules

camp is fun
for camp i’ll run
i’ll be swimming
and i’ll be winning
eating dinner
that’s a winner


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Operation flax

One girl named Freya and her mother were trying to save the flax bush outside.So, Freya and her mother tried to persuade her to keep it. Because it was part of their heritage they always made stuff out of it. They thought of an idea to stop them taking it away. Freya mixed up some bird syrup and hung it on the bush. Tuis came and ate the syrup. It made the neighbour's husband happy because he had never seen that much tui in a long time. They decided to keep the flax.


Our class did triathlon for fun. First we had a practise and then we did the real one.I didn't come anywhere but it was fun.

 “GO!” was all I heard when I slid across the water slide for Triathlon, the reason we slid on the water slide was because we weren't at the beach. I slid to the end with a serge of excitement rushing through my body.I went around once, twice, three times, four times, five times until we were told to run for transition. Transition means change area.

 We clicked on our helmet and walked our bikes out of transition. I pedaled with all the strength in my legs. I did one lap on the field then two. I pushed my bike in to transition.

READY TO RUN. “You can do it.” was what I was saying to my self trying to boost my confidence.I ran to the end with happiness over whelming me. “Yeah.” said Howard with a hand shake and a pat on the back.

 Unfortunately I didn't come First second or third But I still tried my hardest and that is what counts in a Triathlon. I walked back to class feeling good about myself and for my friend Howard for coming first.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Walking across the Warehouse I was deciding what fireworks I was going to buy with my bit of money. Carelessly noticing what my little brother Angelo was going to get. Then with no warning my mother said that we were going so I just grabbed one of those and one of these and there you know it, my mind was made up. Skadadling with my brother and mother to our car.
I had sore arms from carrying a Big boom box, a fountain fiesta a black bad boy and two sparkler packs. Angelo had his load as well. My mother just got an Astro blazer for the family at my nana’s house because they weren't celebrating Guy Fawkes.A demolition family pack is all we needed  for my little brother and sister and the one and only dad. My brother and I talked all the way home about what we are going to do with our fireworks. My mother talked about what we had to do before we lit them by our selves, and friends.

The whole neighbour hood came to enjoy a fun filled night with us. I really loved how my friend came and showed support by bringing his box.
KABOOM!  Light filled the sky with, rays of colour here and rays of colour there. We sat back lighting little cascades and throwing them onto the ground. My friend made a bomb with a bottle and made a small crater in the grass.

Guy Fawkes was the best !

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush

                                                                 based on a true story.

Long ago in a small place called Waikare bush It was grey and dismal outside But that didn’t stop us going hunting with our uncle Collin. Angelo and I were out hunting as well. We scoured the bush clinging the knife tightly with our teeth as well as holding a slug gun.

We searched high and low to find a Sow or a wild Cow or even a Boar. “here piggy piggy piggy piggy.” My uncle said continuiously.Until we heard a snap. we turned around to see  a moving bush, when it stopped we saw another bush moving, then another, then another. Until...My little brother angelo jumped out.

“You almost gave me a heart attack then Boy.” my uncle said. We saw a bush moving then we turned around and said “Angelo get out of there.”
“Im over here said angelo.”
My Uncle turned around with a small grin on his face and a gleam in his eye. He winked at us with his slug gun pointing directly at the bush. With the sound of angelo nibbling on his teeth. Angelo Whispered “Can we go home.” My uncle said “Herenga ki te whetu.” champions never give up. A silence broke through out the bush.

Suddenly a giant wild Boar dashed towards us, my uncle shot and CLICK, He forgot to load. I leaped onto a tree stump grabbed the knife from my mouth and Jumped with a frantic surge of panic going up my spine, I stabbed the pig in the back. he ran for uncle still when it trembled to the ground right in front of uncle collins knee.

I jumped with joy with my uncle sighing because angelo went missing. We looked every where and even in creeks. When we heard a faint noise from a distance calling “Calvin Uncle.”We ran as fast as we could.we found a cave with angelo trapped in between two rocks.”How did you get in there boy.” Uncle said. I was up top hiding when it cracked and collapsed. About then we were worried that angelo was a gonner when we could hear a cracking. The top of the cave was about to crack and now the pressure was on. we shot the rocks with all the bullets we had but they were only slug guns. We hacked at the rocks but they did no effect so I thought of something crazy.Using the tusk of the boar we loaded the slug gun and shot seven  pieces of the tusk one at a time when crack. The rock broke and Angelo ran out and hugged us.the rocks fell and we sighed with relife. “Phew.”

We walked home with a boar around my neck and we all went to bed full from dinner. I thought of what would’ve happened to angelo if we never caught that boar. when flash I woke up to see that it was just a dream.