Friday, May 10, 2013

Mama King's Bread

SSSSSS. The steam rose out of the bread that Our class made today. Miss King's Mum (Mama King) came today. I took a bite and boy the journey it took me on. It was sweet and deep. The butter Melted in my mouth and made the bread so scrumcious.

 So from the bottom of my heart

 and from all the student's in our class

                                           !!! THANK YOU MAMA KING !!!

That Power

Will I am’s song This Power means that even though you're really messed up you can still dream big and achieve it. It means you can do things that you can start off small And finish big. This is a song you can take and listen to if you need help with stuff. Will I am Has a mission to help troubled and disadvantaged people in New Zealand by inspiring them to do big things with their life. He said if one New Zealander can go on to do something amazing it would be worth it.