Monday, July 8, 2013

Three Little Hobbits

Once upon a time, there lived Three Little Hobbits. Their names were Fa and Tee and they had a older brother called Foi living in an asylum. lived with their mum in an old cottage in the forest. One day the three little hobbits mum decided that they were now too old to live with her. So they decided to go their separate ways and build their own houses.

 The oldest hobbit (Fa) went to Pak n Save and bought a ton of steak and then headed into the maybury bush. He started to build his house out of meat. He thought that he might be able to attract animals to his house so that he could trap them for food.

 Meanwhile the youngest hobbit (Winnie) was running from an asylum cutting down trees to make his hut out of wood. Half way through the job he was about to place a piece of bark onto his roof & accidently slid the bark across his hand and got a really deep splinter & had a mental breakdown. Since Foi is in deep depression he stops building his house and leaves into the forest.

Tee goes into the forest to find wood to make a fire, while looking Tee comes across Foi’s house. Tee see’s that Foi’s house is unfinished and feels bad, he then continues to finish building Foi’s house. When he finishes building the house he decides to stay there.

 The old man is walking through the forest when he suddenly comes across Foi’s house. He is so jealous that the house is beautiful that he decides to blow it down. The old man tries his best to blow the house down but fails because he has asthma, so he uses his inhaler. The old man blows the house down and leaves the scene in fear of getting caught.

 He then goes back to the retirement village and on the way loses his breath, he reaches for his inhaler and presses the pump button. The pump button releases no air which means that the asthma pump is now finished, he used all the air in the inhaler when he blew down the house. “Ahhh CHOO Ahh CHOO help help HELP” yells the old man, he then falls to the ground and shakes and eventually dies. His body was left to rot and was eaten by maggots.

Prospective student

Mr Cracker was taking his next stretch to grasp tenuously for a precariously perched rock. He took a final reach, he gripped and strained to pull himself over the rocky ledge. He walked for Hours to find the Dojo of the greats. A drip of sweat rolled down his relieved face when he made it.

Reaching the Dojo the boy Knocked on the towering door. He was anxious about who would answer.The sensei Of the dojo answered with a small grunt and pointed away to his left. He Made all this progress for nothing. Okay Now He’s sad, He slumped his shoulders and limped away from the door

Ahh. He thinks that he must meditate to prove he’s worthy to enter.... All night and day he sat. Creeak... He opened his eye to see the sensei staring down at him. He smiled, and the Sensei pointed away again.

His anger took over him and his eyes were angry. He walked back and kicked The door and challenged the sensei. He positioned himself and guess what? The sensei pointed away again. The boy gasped and looked where the sensei was pointing. It was to a sign that said use the side entrance.

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Little Slice of hope

Today we were lectured by Joshua Iosefo. We learnt a lot about spoken word and speaking from the heart. Our voice is valuable and can change the face of something or even the world. I am a NSW Fan for state of origin. I choose to talk about how corrupted state of origin is.

NSW can win the 2013 State of Origin in the forwards, but Queensland will probably beat them in the backs and make it eight series wins in a row.  NSW Blues 2013 State of Origin squad: who missed out? The one key ingredient the Maroons always get correct is that they select the best players available in their positions, something the Blues continue to stuff up. NSW can only hope to defeat this amazing Queensland team if they have the best players in their positions and ensure they have enough x-factors to combat Greg Inglis, Billy Slater, Justin Hodges, Cooper Cronk, Johnathan Thurston and Cameron Smith. The side listed below has failed to meet those requirements and is not the best possible side, but very similar to what I would expect Ricky Stuart to field if he had not been replaced by his mate Laurie Daley. The major Maroon advantage is in their spine, with perhaps the greatest combination ever including Slater (1), Thurston (6), Cronk (7) and Smith (9).