Friday, October 18, 2013

Auckland vs Syria

I wake up to the sound of sizzling bacon as I lift my warm covers off my body. I wander into the kitchen knowing that I won’t be hungry. I walked to school knowing I would be safe. “I love my life.” I said to myself.

I woke up to the sound of gun bullets. Little bits of debris fall from our roof. My mother who was really tired, endlessly tried to put my little brother to sleep.  “I am hungry and I need to stay alive to protect my family” I think to myself. “But, Is life worth all of this?.”

On my way to school I found a ten dollar note lying on the floor. “Ohhh” I said to myself. “It’s my lucky day”. I’m at school wondering how good we've got it.

The lunch bell rang and we ran to the hall. Iron Brian was at our school handing out free burgers. “Man we’re lucky.”

I dive to shelter my brother who was sitting underneath an unstable part of the house, a bit of the roof fell. Man how come it’s me protecting my family.? It’s lunch time and all we’ve got is a little bit of bread. Man I am cold and have no clothes. I start thinking. “When will this war come to rest and peace be found.”

I hopped out of the car and ran into the lounge. I dived for the remote. We just got back from the beyonce concert. We had Carls Jr for dinner just before we went. I had a double western combo Large and a Large Mint oreo milk shake. Im full and tired so i hop into bed and drift off. “Good night Mum, Night Dad.”

I dragged my exhausted body to my bed (a flat rock) and pulled my cover over me (a big old t-shirt.) my little brother was screaming. I took my cover off and grabbed my brother off my mum so she could have a rest. He finally went down and I went to sleep... BANG a gun bullet fired and my brother woke up. “When will this all end...?”

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