Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Calvin's Pencil Historical File

I have been reading a story set in the future called Space Nuts Light Speed by Simon Cooke. Just like in this story, I have written a historical file about an object we use on earth, that someone could read about in the future.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Calvins Camp For 2012.

Can you believe that year 5/6 camp is in two more days!

 I am looking foward to kayaking.I think im gonna be good at it because I do wakaama.

 I am a little bit worried is tripping over the tent chords.

 My goal for this years camp is to not lose my gear, last year I lost my cell phone.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Friday In The Life Of Calvin

It’s Friday.I Eho A atu a, on friday we go to assembly we sing the national anthem.I won a duffy award.Then we do the lunch box heros.We finnaly did bin it so we could see how we see who has a clean bay.

then we go back to class to have a wonderful day.We allways carryon with our art for Miss M .We would finish the day with fruit and a game.

A Thursday In The Life Of Calvin

Thursday is the most favourite mornings because we go to netball and do netball drills.My thing that I thought was cool is the zig zag mannor when your tem members get a number then if your number gets called you run to the middle and chest pass the ball until every body has passed the ball then run back to the middle,the first team to put their ball in the middle wins.

Then we come back to class to carry on with our writing.If you look up you will find all my writings about my weekdays.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Week In The Life Of Calvin Wednesday

I like wednesdays because we can go to ICT and music but the result of testing weeks mean we cant go to these events.I cant wait to go to these places again.Mrs Tele’a is our ICT specialist, And Mr Jacobsen is our music specialist.

At the end of the day I go to a special outing called River Side.At river side we play cool games and eat pastrys and answer cool quizes and if your team wins you get chocolates at the end.I like River side.

A Week In The Life Of Calvin Tuesday

Did you know tuesday is one of my favourite days because some kids in the class including me go to extension.It is cool because we go there from twelve thirty to three o’clock.The things we do there is mainly hyperstudio stacks. On tuesdays we also get to do maths whizz.I have moved up so much levels in maths that I can get through life easily.I can play with my mates at morning tea with my mates as well.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Monday In the Life of Calvin Monday

Awww I have to wake up for school,I angryly stomped down stairs wishing I could stay in bed but my mum said get up and stop being lazy.I had breakfast and made my lunch then off to school.I ran as fast as I could to school hoping my hair wouldn’t be messed up for your worship.I also hope Pat Snedden’s leg was alright from the water accident from his water fight incident. I made it to school for the mayor to arrive so my friends and I could talk to him baecause we are ambassadors.We all were happy when your worship told me I was a superstar.I felt proud,I wish I could scrape my dead skin in a jar because I want to remember the day I firstly presented to the ambassador list 2012.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maths Goal

The maths goal I want to achieve is all my times tables -One way I could achieve my goal is to write them down and keep saying them over and over again. -Another way is to get someone to tell me some question and keep saying them.