Monday, June 27, 2011

angelos rocking uniform

Angelo's Story about his Uniform! from Jenny She on Vimeo.

the room six star

angelo is now in room six for 2011 he is 7 in augast the 22nd.he is the best sibling out of my sister and little brother.

angelo's fantastic weekend

Angelo Wrote a story about his Weekend! from Jenny She on Vimeo.

my brother and his friend

A collaborate story of Visy Recycling Centre by Faauiaga, Lomio-lee, Judah and Angelo. from Jenny She on Vimeo.

My Brother Feeds His Favirote Animals.

Angelo's Weekend Story! from Jenny She on Vimeo.

My Brother Talks About Daddy Rooster

Angelo's description of Daddy Rooster! from Jenny She on Vimeo.

My Cute Little Brother

Angelo wrote a story about the pig! from Jenny She on Vimeo.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Stanley Steam Car Invention

At a local fair held in 1897 Freelan and Francis Stanely witnessed a steam car demonstrated
by a French inventor who had made it. After seeing this cool invention they were spurred on to invent their own. The Stanley steamer was one of the cars that the brothers invented. It became the best known and the best sold car produced,between 1896 and 1924 .It even out sold the gasoline powered cars at one point.Did you know they produced a
steam racing car which broke the land record of 204 kilo meters per hour (204 kmph).

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my faviroute rappers,singers and composers

these people have songs that I really like..J geekwho sings maori boy Julia the red monster,J Boogie who sings lets do it again this is love and many more ,Bruno mars who sings the lazy song grenade the way you are and marry you and john cena who raps world life

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

past the past of past connections

Past Connections from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

The nerve breaking story of aboy a girl uh two girls be sure to catch the epic tale.of past connections,thesse kids were sent to the museum when the boy called Tama mocks the maori carvings.Then all of a sudden they got stuck in the past and learn about the maori ways then get sent back felling inspired about the maori cultre.ENJOY

Waiting waiting and waiting .Finally it was time to pay off all the time we spent walking tiredly to the pools. It was time to hop in the pool.The deep pool. With no doubt about it I hopped in the pool. We do this  because we need to learn how to swim to survive.

Submerging in to the depths of the pool I slowly kicked off the wall which sent me gracefully gliding under the water. Rising out of the cold water that sent electrifying coldness slowly making its way down my spine,With co-ordinated moves I suddenly gulped a massive gulp of water. I coughed and spluttered.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kolohe Kai.

this is kolohe kai They are one of my faviroute bands,1 song I like is This Is Love

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

calvin my heritage

David the tuamanator VS Shane the mountain climber cameron

Bang” oww ouch” I hear there it goes again tua gets him on the ropes tua plants the big left hook “OMG” Cameron is making a come back with his long arms, tua TUA he gets cameron on the ropes with nowhere to go here it comes the left....................ding ding ding ohhh I thought it wouldv’e been a knock out punch but the stupid bell come on Tua you can do it man round two I see the sign, c’mon c’mon don’t let him take you down wooooooo I can hear louder cheering lets go tuamanator yes I said hes stumbling camerons stumbling hes on the ropes jab jab hook upper cut hook right hook here it comes the left hook yes he landed the dominant punch cam got wrapped up by the machine.wooooooh Tua catch more action about wrestling boxing and ufc keep checking my blog. you will find a new post next week.

Archimedes the greek Mathematician

The claw was one of the inventions of Archimedes, Archimedes was an ancient Mathematician.He solve heaps of puzzles and today when we think about our scientists how could we forget Archimedes.

Archimedes was before born in 287 B.C which means 287 years before Christ Archimedes was so stuck in to solving puzzles he often forgot to eat

With two poles, a pulley system and a large hook Archimedes put all this equipment together to make an invention called The Claw. He used this ship shaking device to ward off roman ships. This machine of the ancient times sunk the ships by picking them up and dropping them.