Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Subject Poetry.

In room 17 we have been writing poetry about a culture and if you read my text you might be able to find out which culture I am writing about.



pohutakawa tree

all blacks

silver ferns



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Olympic hero.JIM THORPE!!!

We were asked to investigate an Olympic medalist and then to write a report about this athlete.
We focussed on hooking our readers in and I created an animation to tell the story.

Hi my name is Jim Thorpe I am an Olympic Gold medalist from 1912 and won the Pentathlon and Decathlon. I was part Indian and grew up in Indian territory in the USA. I got married and had two children named Gale and Bill.

I signed to the New York Giants baseball team. In 1913 I also played professional foot ball for the Pine Village Pros.

I had my medals taken off me more than 6 months after the 1912 Olympics because under the rules at the time no athletes were able to be sports teachers or paid for playing sport. I was paid about $47 for playing baseball.

I died on 28  March 1953, Later on, in 1983 years later my wife got my medals  back with one piece of paper stating the 1912 olympic rules. They gave my medals back after I died and I never got to see them one last time. And they were not even my real medals because they were stolen, so commemorative medals were given to my two kids, Bill And Gale.