Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Leaf On The Family Tree

Boring old Saturdays, the only thing to do is play with my boring old brother and play boring old games that we played last boring day...

Until, knock knock knock went the door, it was my Mum. I could not have been happier to see my little baby brother in her arms my Aunty was with my mum as well. She gave me the baby and I looked at it and smiled.

He looks weird and funny looking but I still love him though.We decided what to call him Sampson.I think it would be cool to have a brother named after me.

I put the baby down gently and watched it sleep for a while then out of nowhere he broke the silence and cried for something to eat.My mum finished feeding the baby and I sat and talked to it about the family tree and I don’t think she could understand any thing I said. 



  1. Hi Calvin, I love the idea of another leaf on the family tree! I am not so sure about Calvin Jnr though - maybe you should save that name for your own son?

    I am so pleased you have a healthy baby brother and I know that with you to show him the ways he will grow up to be very special.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Calvin,

    I remember when I used to play with my big brother it was so boring, but then my little brother was born it made every thing fun but now he is boring. Well Calvin this a great story and cool pictures. I wonder what your parents called him.

    I think your brother is going to grow up to be smart and important like you.

    From your friend Jacob :>)


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