Thursday, April 26, 2012


the steps of the cup is in the movie on your right.Origami is a piece of art that Japanesse people created.You have to fold EQUAL SQUARE paper to make a master piece by folding.I thought this was a sort of hard project making a paper cup.The resources  I used was scissors to make my square piece of paper then that was it for scissors then I started folding my paper to create a cup.ENJOY THE MOVIE.

                      !!!!!PLAY MOVIE IN FULL SCREEN!!!!!

Going Eeling Up North

Have you ever caught an Eel up north or anywhere? Well if you haven't and want to know how I caught one then this is the story for you. We went at about 9:30 pm. We walked and used flash lights that stick to our head by elastic bands. All my cousins and I went to a creek called Lady Kawa.

We all jumped in the creek without making big ripples so we don't scare the eels away, then walked around trying to find an eel. It’s pretty hard to find one without scaring them away so we banged on the banks hoping for an eel to come out but nothing happened.

About two hours of constant walking around in the creek trying to spot an eel until finally we spotted a fat one eating algee GROSS!!!. I stabbed the eel watching it squirm around in pain. I really felt sorry.

I tossed it on to the bank and we did a karakea before I stabbed it to kill it. We rolled it around in a bunch of ash to get all the slime off. After a while we hopped back in the creek. My little brother Angelo caught one and we did the same process.

Then after we were finished we walked home and gutted them and we boned it THEN smoked them and had them for breakfast.

After breakfast I went fishing with my uncle Collin and wished to go eeling again. We went home with a bunch of fish too. I really felt  because happy because it was my first time catching an eel.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Frogs (crazy facts)

Tadpoles are crucial to our environment. Most of all they help our water keep clean by eating algee and plants that harm the water. BUT once they turn into frogs they become carnivores.

Forests, ponds and logs are some habitats of frogs. Frogs need moiuste skin so they live in damp places. They can swim in ponds to keep cool on hot days in summer or spring or any season except for winter when they hibernate.

most body parts of the frog are pretty weird and amazing for example, frogs dont just chew with their mouths they use their eyes to chew down their food as well. Plus, they breathe through their skin, and if their skin is dried up they cant breathe properly so they will die instantly.

Did you know that frogs can leap 20 times their body length.WOW.!

If I were to be a frog I will jump every where and... EAT PESKY FLYS LIKE SPIDERS.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Haiku is Poetry


chocolate is yum
the good taste runs down my throat
yum! in my stomach


She has buldging eye’s
She wears her striped cardigan
has king kongs eyebrows

Haiku is poetry you have to have five syllables and the second line has 7 and the third has five.For example check my haiku out to create a picture in your mind so you can write your own one.

ROW stands for Rock Our World, rock our world is a global event that over 30 schools participate in.They change their inquiries every one and a half terms.

Reece My Friend.

Reece is someone I can realie on someone I can tell my secerets to.I play with him I walk home with him .He is sensitive person and cares about other peoples feelings.