Monday, November 21, 2011


Huff Puff Huff Puff “Can we take a break,My legs are killing me.”Tired and exhausted we struggled to reach the summit of One Tree Hill(Maungakeikei) this breath taking journey ached my leg muscles.Room 14 are taking a trip to the stardome at One Tree Hill.But to fill in the extra time we walked up One Tree Hill.

Woo Hoo we reached the top,”wow this view is amazing”.”This walk is worth it”
I said.At the summit there was a huge oblysk marking the tree that was cut down.
There also was John Campbell.

When we were finished we walked to the northern crater and drawed with the rocks.Most of my mates slid down the slopes, me and my cousin Reece jumped down the hole in the ground and found a dead bird skull and climbed out.Then My mate isara came and toke the birds skull.

Later on we went to the stardome and sat on the Chairs that fold back.we watched the card board rocket.It is about kids building a card board rocket and flying into space using there imagination.With the help of there book that they borrowed from the library they travelled to each of the planets and found out some facts about each planet

The planet I liked is mars, the rusty red planet because it reminds me of my old bike chain because it is iron and rusts quick if i leave it in the rain too long.Another one is Saturn because it is beautifull when you get a close up look it really blows your mind flying through the rings of saturn.

Then we played in the hall way and touched the all the touch screens.There was a scale that shows you how much you weigh on earth and then shows you how much you weigh on any planet of your choice.there also was a space man with a hole in his face so you can poke your head through.

Hooray we are going into the space room,the space room is awesome we learned about the order of the planets and how the moon circulates planet earth.

Then we waited for the bus ready to go back to school.I think I had more fun then I ever had.I sure wish I could come back again.