Monday, March 17, 2014

What do I know About Anzac...?

This is my General Knowledge about ANZAC.

Being A Leader Is Hard


Dear Diary today is the 17th of March 1999. Today is the first day of the Boer war In South Africa . The only reason I am here is to show the queen that we are loyal to the british authority. The temperature is fairly decent only because it is morning the temperature is suppose to be hot. My troops follow me through freezing waters and harsh conditions.

My troops are ready to fight. I sent them to burn a few houses down just for fun. As I am lieutenant I lead my troops into war with the Boers. We attack with all our strength and gun them down. As night falls we go in for the kill fast, slick and silent. No screams just a faint slit of a throat.

I’m feeling a bit homesick and missing my children and wife. I am weak from taking thirty gun shots to the torso area. I can see why i’m the lieutenant.

Yesterday I heard people talking about moving to the orange free state to escape the abolishment of the British. I kind of felt like sending a nuke bomb to that state to get smart and so they couldn’t escape the wrath of queen victoria. #ruthless

Most of my men had suffered from severe trench foot. I think we have almost won.