Monday, June 23, 2014

BAR Five Minute Challenge!!!

Today we did a bar key challenge with all the other extension group students. I drew a house with a pool and a garage on the side.
Someone made my pool bigger

then added a diving board 

then replaced the door steps with a ramp.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My awesome Boots

On my Birthday I got Lots of stuff but the thing I love the most are My X blade rugby league boots, They are the same boots that the west tiger’s wear( National Rugby League Team.)
I am in love with them.

I take them to every training's

and games. I clean them regularly and try not to show off but whenever people see them they try and grab them to take a look. This is the first time I have proper boots that look appealing to (that’s the most important thing, the looks.)

Here They are.

Next Future Steps

Last week My Teacher gave me a paper to apply for the Cooper Connell Boarding scholarship for Auckland Boys Grammar School. I really want to attend this school because it is a school with a high national learning standard and I have heard so many great things about this college.

The reason why I want to attend this school is because I would like a quality education as well the chance to board because it gives me a little taste of the outside life. Everyone that I know that has attended there has gone on to be an amazing sportsman or academic sort of person. (e.g Ben Atiga, John Drake, Grant Fox, Benson Stanley, Jeremy Stanley and BIG KONRAD HURRELL.)

Auckland Boys pushes students to show their full potential to become anything they want, But the real reason why I want to go to auckland Boys is the boarding. I love anything to do with getting out of the house and individually doing my own stuff. (I’m a little worried about the cleaning, But I am fairly decent at cleaning.

My Parents really want me to go there because They are Looking for boys from here that are sporty and participate in cultural events enthusiastically. I am all of that , not boasting but I really excel in sport and cultural events, even music and academic. Recently I sat the year 9 star test and scored somewhere around 50-60 out of 80.

And that is only a couple of reasons why I would like to attend Auckland Boys Grammar School.

This is not a c.v