Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fia Fia Rehearsal 2014.

Fia Fia Rehearsal 2014: Calvin.

I can't believe that Fia Fia is tomorrow. On the ground I found my self amped and really excited ready to leap on stage. Trying not to lose my voice before the night gave a tinge more worry as well, but that never slowed me down I still gave it 100%. My eyes opened up wide, as I heard my group get called to the stage. My Legs rose and my heart pounded with joy. This is going to be awesome! "From the smallest island of the pacific,The rock, please give a big welcome for our Niuean Warriors!"

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  1. Hey Calvin,

    I hope you managed to keep your voice for the big night, I know everyone will be talking about the Fiafia for a long time.

    You've made a really good use of descriptive words to show us how you feel, maybe you could put that skill into telling us about how the night went for you and your family.

    Keep it up :)

    Mr. Hutchings


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