Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tiaki Taonga

Tiaki Taonga means caring for other people,  caring for things,  It is our school Motto for the year,  You can show it by being kind,  We show it lots at P.e School, It’s A Maori Phrase,  It Means Care for it,  People are using it to make other people feel special,  it means to me put yourself in someone else's shoe.  It means to show Empathy.

This Morning we completed a speed writing challenge. In ten minutes we were expected to Give Adefinition about Tiaki Taonga, Ten Things. Then We were Given 5 Minutes to pair share. Here is my result.

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  1. Calvin,

    I am visiting to you from Alabama in the United States, and I absolutely LOVE the idea of Tiaki Taonga! I think everyone around the whole world should adopt the idea of caring for people and caring for things. Did you know your blog today has given someone on the other side of the world a new way of saying they care for other people? I can't wait to share with my students at my school where I am a librarian what I learned from you today! Thank you for sharing your blog with us. Tiaki Taonga. What are you doing to make other people feel special? Well, I can tell you one way you've done it so far is by sharing your thoughts here so others like me can learn new things! Great job, Calvin. Keep up the excellent work, and I will do my part to share your motto of Tiaki Taonga!


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