Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lollipop Moments

We watched an inspiring video on youtube called lollipop moments and a man was in the video, he talked leaders and being a leader is not about having power and money but how you can change a life by doing a single act. he told the audience about this one time he changed a girls life.

She was thinking she would not survive in university and told her parents. her parent’s said we’ll see how it is on your first day and if you do not like it we can go home. she was waiting in a line to be enrolled and she knew she couldn’t handle it ,so she turned to her parent’s, then a man walked out of a door holding a charity sign and a bucket full of lollipops. he handed them out to people. It was then she saw the girl, he told the man standing next to the girl to hand a lollipop to her he blushed turned away and held the lollipop out . it was then she really wanted to go to university. four years later she started dating the guy, a year and a half more they were married. That one lollipop moment changed the girl and boys life
that day forward.

One way I can create a lollipop moment is by showing appreciation for their achievements and helping out with things they struggle with.

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