Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black Hole.

Bzzzz, Bzzzz. The printer was printing in John’s work office. It was another boring work day until.... Until the printer strangely printed a piece of paper with nothing but a black circle.
John had a drink of water and dropped his cup into the black circle and noticed it fell through. He reached in and grabbed it. His eyes grew wide.He was amazed and it made his work day at work BETTER.

John found a vending machine and taped it to the window and stuck his hand through then he pulled out a Snickers Bar. He saw the companys safe and walked towards it.

John taped the black hole to the safe, reached in and felt around inside. He took out a bundle of cash.  With his greed level high, John kept taking out bundles until he felt no more.

He crawled in to see what was left inside.  Suddenly the tape wore out and it fell.
John was stuck inside the safe and he was shocked. He tapped and knocked, But it was night and nobody was there.

I think he got what he deserved and hope nobody finds him. I think he would have been happy because he had his snickers bar. His boss probably found the safes money and would have opened it. John might have been saved. His job might not be.

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  1. Hey calvin,

    I've seen that movie before. The way that you described it was pretty cool. Keep up the blogging.



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