Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fia Fia Recount

My heart was pounding as I entered the gate.
“Is my hair alright...?”
Meanwhile all my friends were eating from the food stalls while my money was safe in my pocket. I had 20 dollars. My first choice in food stalls were doughnuts then toffee apples, Hangi, $5 plate of BBQ and drinks.

I had a mean feed. What to do next? I went to see some of my mates from other schools. And so the night continued.
“It is time!”
“Time to go to your holding rooms. My heart stopped for a moment... My friends asked if I was alright,
“I’m just a little bit nervous about the amount of people.” I left the stalls and walked to my room.

My costume made me feel pretty cool I wasn’t as scared as I was before, in fact I wasn’t scared at all. It was like my costume had some kind of superpower. It is only a lavalava, Sisi (grass necklace.), ankle sisi’s, and arm ones.⇩ I’m the one with the spear and all the yellow and red on the photo.

We walked out to the main stage hidden through our secret route. We anticipated a long wait, and sure enough it was. Then finally it was our turn. Our turn to walk on stage and give it our all.

On stage I could see everybody with their eyes glued to the performers.
“No mistakes.” I thought to myself.
“I’ve got thousands of people watching my every move.”
Everything flowed perfectly. My voice shattered from all the shouting and screaming, I was the underdog, My friend Lorenzo was the leader for the haka (Traditional war dance.) and intro. I lead everything else.

Exiting the stage I found myself grasping my throat. My voice was definitely lost.

It was an awesome night. I can’t wait to see what college Fia Fia has in store for me.


  1. Hi Calvin, I have so enjoyed reading this recount of the amazing Fiafia. I enjoyed the way you varied your sentences to build the atmosphere.

    I was pleased to read some detail about the food because when I arrived from University most of it had gone - now I know what I missed!

    Finally, congratulations on a fabulous performance with tremendous kaha.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Kia Ora Calvin, I loved the effort you put in to this piece of writing and your careful choice of words to capture the essence of the night. I love the way you used your stream of consciousness to enhance your writing too! And your were a stand out performer on the night - well done! Mrs Nua


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