Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Problems about Mars

If we lived on Mars one problem would be the trouble of breathing. There is only carbon dioxide on Mars, which is dangerous for humans. We would have to wear stinky space suits all the time if we wanted to survive on Mars. Your suit wouldn’t smell very nice if you needed to go to the toilet!

Another problem would be food because there are not many things to eat on Mars that taste
that satisfying. I don't think there is any food up there at all besides rocks to eat. I would need a life time supply of food from earth to feed everyone properly.

Some people would hate it there. All of gasses that come over from jupiter Mars hot . People would die if they got too close to Jupiter. All the pressure would crush them like a hand squishing play dough!

problems about mars

If we lived on mars one problem would be the trouble of breathing. There is only carbon dioxide on Mars, which is dangerous for humans. We would have to wear stinky space suits all the time if we wanted to survive on Mars. Your suit wouldn’t smell very nice if you needed to go to the toilet!

Another problem would be food because there are not many things to eat on Mars that taste
that satisfying. I dont think there is any food up there at all besides rocks to eat. I would need a life time supply of food from earth to feed everyone properly.

Some people would hate it there. All of gasses that come over from jupiter Mars hot . People would die if they got too close to Jupiter. All the pressure would crush them like a hand squishing play dough!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


These past few terms we have been learning to use netbooks for learning.Learning this way has spured me to strive and persevere until these working days over.In the past few weeks I have had fun learning on these netbooks because we get free time if we finish.

Some positives are that we get to go online for freetime when we finish our work, we get to go on different websites like youtube, blogging and many more.Another thing would be going on our google docs to do writing.We can edit things on google docs which is awesome because on our text books we have to waste our time rubbing out, when on our google docs we can just push delete (backspace).It is really cool because I get to take them home on weekdays weekends and holidays.

Negetives about this tool is slow internet sometimes it is really frustrating when things run to slow.A real annoying thing is that I can’t take photos because my web cam doesn’t work.I have to take photos with my camera then put it on my netbook.

Next year I hope to take them home and do year 6 things.

If I had to go back to paper and pen I would really be boerd with learning the old way again.

this tool has made my life easier to work I hope it never gets taken away from me.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Huff Puff Huff Puff “Can we take a break,My legs are killing me.”Tired and exhausted we struggled to reach the summit of One Tree Hill(Maungakeikei) this breath taking journey ached my leg muscles.Room 14 are taking a trip to the stardome at One Tree Hill.But to fill in the extra time we walked up One Tree Hill.

Woo Hoo we reached the top,”wow this view is amazing”.”This walk is worth it”
I said.At the summit there was a huge oblysk marking the tree that was cut down.
There also was John Campbell.

When we were finished we walked to the northern crater and drawed with the rocks.Most of my mates slid down the slopes, me and my cousin Reece jumped down the hole in the ground and found a dead bird skull and climbed out.Then My mate isara came and toke the birds skull.

Later on we went to the stardome and sat on the Chairs that fold back.we watched the card board rocket.It is about kids building a card board rocket and flying into space using there imagination.With the help of there book that they borrowed from the library they travelled to each of the planets and found out some facts about each planet

The planet I liked is mars, the rusty red planet because it reminds me of my old bike chain because it is iron and rusts quick if i leave it in the rain too long.Another one is Saturn because it is beautifull when you get a close up look it really blows your mind flying through the rings of saturn.

Then we played in the hall way and touched the all the touch screens.There was a scale that shows you how much you weigh on earth and then shows you how much you weigh on any planet of your choice.there also was a space man with a hole in his face so you can poke your head through.

Hooray we are going into the space room,the space room is awesome we learned about the order of the planets and how the moon circulates planet earth.

Then we waited for the bus ready to go back to school.I think I had more fun then I ever had.I sure wish I could come back again.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Immersion Assembly

As soon as I walked into the hall I stood quietly waiting for the Immersion Assembly to start. An Immersion Assembly is a meeting where the whole school finds out about their topic for the term. I walked into the hall and saw a parade of masks. I stood there thinking to myself, “What we are doing?” then a sudden thought came to my mind “ALIENS!” But no, it was something different, something outta this world...It was outta space. Our theme was called “Outta this world.”

“Give it up for team 2!” Mr Burt excitedly exclaimed. Team 2 walked onto the stage with the fake book masks from the production - the boxes were for a robot look because they were doing a space rap. I thought it was cool. They included all the planets except for Planet X.

Then it was time for team 3 - team 3 did a video about space it showed how things work in space. My favourite part was how the person in the video explained how to use the toilet in space. It was humorous when he said “If you see a shooting star guess what it could.” That was because he had told us about how the astronauts sent their waste out of the spaceship and into the earth’s atmosphere where it would burn up.

“Ladies and gents give it up for team 4” Mr Burt announced.Team 4 did a wiggles clip on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. All team 4 people were ballerinas and did pirouettes, leaps, twirls and pivots with pom poms. Mr Somerville played the guitar and lip syncced the song.

After this fun-filled morning we walked back to class, well keen in learning about space.I think my friend Nathan will be good at space because he learned about space in health camp. But I am really excited about learning space stuff too.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The First Rugby Balls

Long ago rugby balls were made out of pigs bladder, the bladder of a pig is the part where
it holds its urine. People blew the bladder up with their lips which is kind of disgusting. The ball was sometimes larger then the players expected because it depended on the size of the pig. These balls, made in the 1800’s, were extremely smelly.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Have you ever wondered how you grow,well,your biggest organ in the human body ,the liver does over 500 jobs to keep you healthy and make you grow.Your Liver stors all your vitamins and minerals so when you need them it will give you them ,if your liver gives you all your minerals you would see your self grow every second of the day.I like my Liver .

Rugby Ball General History

Long ago rugby balls were made out of pigs bladder,the bladder of a pig is a part were
it holds It’s urine.People blew the bladder up with their lips which is kind of disgusting. The ball was some time larger then the players expected because it depends on the size of the pig.the ball was made in the 1800’s
and was extremely smelly.

Paragraph About Auckland Snow !!!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

“IRELAND” was the only word I heard when I entered the hall for the Immersion Assembly, “Who’s that” I said to my self. As I turned my head Mr J caught my eye with his green and white colours,dressed as a Irish Rugby supporter because we are learning about the rugby world cup for the term.

Give it up for team one! Mr Burt excitedly exclaimed. Team one walked on the stage dressed as all blacks with ribbons on boots. They sang a SONG TO DO WITH RUGBY.They sang about how their teachers were all blacks.

Once all the team items were done and dusted we all left the hall with a loud cheer of “IRELAND” from Mr J and a hall full of laughs.I felt happy.I cant wait to see what the

Monday, June 27, 2011

angelos rocking uniform

Angelo's Story about his Uniform! from Jenny She on Vimeo.

the room six star

angelo is now in room six for 2011 he is 7 in augast the 22nd.he is the best sibling out of my sister and little brother.

angelo's fantastic weekend

Angelo Wrote a story about his Weekend! from Jenny She on Vimeo.

my brother and his friend

A collaborate story of Visy Recycling Centre by Faauiaga, Lomio-lee, Judah and Angelo. from Jenny She on Vimeo.

My Brother Feeds His Favirote Animals.

Angelo's Weekend Story! from Jenny She on Vimeo.

My Brother Talks About Daddy Rooster

Angelo's description of Daddy Rooster! from Jenny She on Vimeo.

My Cute Little Brother

Angelo wrote a story about the pig! from Jenny She on Vimeo.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Stanley Steam Car Invention

At a local fair held in 1897 Freelan and Francis Stanely witnessed a steam car demonstrated
by a French inventor who had made it. After seeing this cool invention they were spurred on to invent their own. The Stanley steamer was one of the cars that the brothers invented. It became the best known and the best sold car produced,between 1896 and 1924 .It even out sold the gasoline powered cars at one point.Did you know they produced a
steam racing car which broke the land record of 204 kilo meters per hour (204 kmph).

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my faviroute rappers,singers and composers

these people have songs that I really like..J geekwho sings maori boy Julia the red monster,J Boogie who sings lets do it again this is love and many more ,Bruno mars who sings the lazy song grenade the way you are and marry you and john cena who raps world life

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

past the past of past connections

Past Connections from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

The nerve breaking story of aboy a girl uh two girls be sure to catch the epic tale.of past connections,thesse kids were sent to the museum when the boy called Tama mocks the maori carvings.Then all of a sudden they got stuck in the past and learn about the maori ways then get sent back felling inspired about the maori cultre.ENJOY

Waiting waiting and waiting .Finally it was time to pay off all the time we spent walking tiredly to the pools. It was time to hop in the pool.The deep pool. With no doubt about it I hopped in the pool. We do this  because we need to learn how to swim to survive.

Submerging in to the depths of the pool I slowly kicked off the wall which sent me gracefully gliding under the water. Rising out of the cold water that sent electrifying coldness slowly making its way down my spine,With co-ordinated moves I suddenly gulped a massive gulp of water. I coughed and spluttered.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kolohe Kai.

this is kolohe kai They are one of my faviroute bands,1 song I like is This Is Love

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

calvin my heritage

David the tuamanator VS Shane the mountain climber cameron

Bang” oww ouch” I hear there it goes again tua gets him on the ropes tua plants the big left hook “OMG” Cameron is making a come back with his long arms, tua TUA he gets cameron on the ropes with nowhere to go here it comes the left....................ding ding ding ohhh I thought it wouldv’e been a knock out punch but the stupid bell come on Tua you can do it man round two I see the sign, c’mon c’mon don’t let him take you down wooooooo I can hear louder cheering lets go tuamanator yes I said hes stumbling camerons stumbling hes on the ropes jab jab hook upper cut hook right hook here it comes the left hook yes he landed the dominant punch cam got wrapped up by the machine.wooooooh Tua catch more action about wrestling boxing and ufc keep checking my blog. you will find a new post next week.

Archimedes the greek Mathematician

The claw was one of the inventions of Archimedes, Archimedes was an ancient Mathematician.He solve heaps of puzzles and today when we think about our scientists how could we forget Archimedes.

Archimedes was before born in 287 B.C which means 287 years before Christ Archimedes was so stuck in to solving puzzles he often forgot to eat

With two poles, a pulley system and a large hook Archimedes put all this equipment together to make an invention called The Claw. He used this ship shaking device to ward off roman ships. This machine of the ancient times sunk the ships by picking them up and dropping them.

Monday, May 30, 2011

acrostic poem about scorpion

S ays get over here
C ome here is his finisher move
O nly 2 habitats are hell mortal kombat
R eally scary face he has
P lacing number of fatalities are 4
I n his arena he always wins
O n hell grounds he takes his mask off and reveals his fiery face
N othing can stand in his way

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Best Immersion Assembly

“Give it up for team three,” Mr Burt exclaimed. BOOM Suddenly a crowd of mad scientists appeared, tossing a multitude of ingredients in to an enormous beaker then...out exploded Miss Walters dressed up as a bar of soap.
Then out of no where Miss Lavakula rapped a song called baby wash your hands. While rapping, Mrs Barks and Miss Burnes squirted a load of water so we could wash our hands.
Finally it was time for team four I felt real happy and I can't wait to see what we have in store next term.

The Exciting Swimming Time

With steady strokes and powerful kicks I rolled into my breathing position ready for a breath.I finally reached the finish,”Hooray I made it ,but I reckon I could do better.’’As I got of the end of the pool I was really keen to have another go but I was sad and happy at the same time because we had to do back stroke.

Submerging under the water I glided gracefully. Rising to the top of the pool I said to my self, “I need to take a breath.” Kicking furiously I said “Finally made it."

Kicking of the wall I sank to the bottom of the pool I gracefully glided. Kicking as if no one can stop me I pushed to the surface. Using co-ordinated moves I smoothly swam to the end of the pool.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Extention Movie Making

I thoroughly enjoyed writing parts for our script with my group. There were some humourous parts that all of us wrote. I think these parts help people to be entertained when they see our movie about our heritage and the maori cultre.

Right at the beginning of the movie making journey, we got to visit the Auckland museum. We got to listen to professional film makers and people that desing movies. I learnt that there are many parts to making a movie and most of all the editor is one of the hard workers

one other cool thing we did was visit the museum Looking at the coolest galleries. I thought it was cool because we saw a lot of olden day tribes that we could we could use for the setting of our movies.

the best part of this experience I liked doing was acting and doing the parts that I have to do.The parts I mainly have to do was the halerious.

one thing that I was horrible at was organising my costumes . I was bad because I never even tried asking any body if they have costumes and if I could borrow them.

One interesting thing I did was getting to know people better and I enjoyed sharing my knowledge about making movies.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In America man called Adam Smith made stuff `out of rubber in a factory.He found small piece of chicle which is the sap from a gum tree. He popped it in to his mouth but it stayed whole. Adam had a bright idea he heated it up and put a mint flaviour to it.In 1872 shop keepers refused to sell this product so Adam started another company called Tootie Fruity. Tootie Fruity sold this chewing gum so now he could sell this stuff at rail way stations.

In America man called Adam Smith made stuff `out of rubber in a factory.He found small piece of chickel is the sap from a gum tree he popped it in to his mouth but it stayed whole.Adam had a bright idea he heated it up and put a mint flavour to it.In 1872 shop keepers refused to sell this product so Adam started another company called tooty fruity tooty fruity sold this chickel so now you can sell this stuff at rail way stations.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Camping

With excitement I ran into the van ready to go Easter camping with my family. After a long interesting journey we arrived at my aunty and uncle's house in Helensville. We did lots of cool things there like playing on the computer and park and going outside at night, to toast marshmallows on a bonfire,

The next morning we went to Parakai camping grounds where we tented right in front of shelly beach.We did lots more things like Easter egg hunts and games like fear factor, mark o polo, stuck in the mud, three legged race and lots more. My favorite part was fear factor we had a competition to see who could eat a half a plate of thousands island sauce, marshmallows, biscuits, tuna and salad dressing with our hands behind our backs.I thought it was cool because we all dumped our faces into the plate, I said to my self “This is the best game of fear factor I've ever experienced.” My cousins thought it was revolting but my cousin Shazaria and I thought it was nice.

"Ahhhh it can't be. You bet my record." " Yes !" I said I have a record of twelve seconds

Next we had a campfire and to finish the day we had a game of add on colours (a memory game) before we headed back to have a relaxing sleep.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Warriors

The warriors is a story of a desperate forced march of a gang that is full of courage and only fights when they have to.the Warriors went to a place called the Bronx for a huge meeting with all the gangs in town like the Hi-Hats,van court land rangers,moon runners ,Boppers ,Riffs ,the punks,base ball furies,and more to make one hundred.At the Bronx a guy called Cyrus got shot by a gang called the rouges once the display was over, all the cops raced in trying to arrest as much as they can.The leader of the rouges (Luther)blamed it on the leader of the Warriors (cleon)so he took down of the some ruges with his elbow until the riffs had beaten him till he died.the rest of the warriors set their journey back to Coney Island their territory.Then a person called Swan became leader because he was war cheif of the gang.On their way home they ran into a gang that was looking out for the warriors because of the blame.they were waiting for their train until they turned their van around so the warriors ran in front of the van and made it up stairs to the train station but the turn bull ac’s chased them up stairs but the warriors made it into the train and slided the door shut when they made it to the next station they ran into some cops so they made a run for it until they found a gang that likes they tusseled it out in the toilets and you guessed it the warriors won the fight.later on they meet a gang called the base ball furies the base ball furies put up a desperate fight but you guessed it the warriors won.then they made it to the train then made their way back to Coney Island when the ruges put a big fight with the leaders so swan threw a knife into Luthers hand for what he did to cleon

Friday, April 8, 2011

Skating is the bomb

Making our way out of the car,I said to my self “Skateland is going to be cool.” When I entered the skating rink our 'Fully Charged' camp group had a free skate before we played a sound game.Just before we played the game I did a jump and tripped over the cones.When we played the game my friend Kane rode into me so we fell down when the fall down sound went.

After the game we had another free skate until it was time to have races. When it was time for the races we raced to the starting line ready for the race.I came fourth.

After the races it was time for limbo. I went three times then I got bored so then Isara and I played around then we went for a drink,Then it was time to go back to camp.

Monday, March 28, 2011

hydro slide madness.

racing up the steep steps,I listened to the screaming echoing through the hydro slide exit.when I reached the top I noticed that there were more people then I expected so I had a long chilly wait of anticipation for going down the slide.Finally I got to go down the cool slide before Mr marks so he down pushed me down really fast and I zoomed until I got to the catch pool then I walked out of the door ready for the splash pad.

Friday, March 25, 2011

calvin picnic

While the wind was blowing and the were waves rolling at the reserve, Pt England school was making their way down to Pt England Reserve to have a fantastic picnic. Kids were playing on the beach, maneuvering around the slippery and gluggy clay and rocks, as well as trying to turn the rocks over to find the crabs underneath.

In the meantime my friend Nathan and I (Calvin) were making things out of clay like clay cannon balls and skulls. later on Nathan and I went to have some rock melon,Nathan did not want any because he said he vomited when he ate it.

Dieing to go to the toilet,the portaloos arrived and I was relived.Then the time had come to pack up and return to school.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are sorry for your loss of your city. We all hope that you find your loved ones. Carry on don’t loose your faith, keep a hold of your hope and strive on. Our blessings and prayers will be with you all till the damage has gone. Stay safe and always be ready for another impact to hit.
With all our love up here at Pt England Primary School.
Jacob,Calvin and Rita.