Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black Hole.

Bzzzz, Bzzzz. The printer was printing in John’s work office. It was another boring work day until.... Until the printer strangely printed a piece of paper with nothing but a black circle.
John had a drink of water and dropped his cup into the black circle and noticed it fell through. He reached in and grabbed it. His eyes grew wide.He was amazed and it made his work day at work BETTER.

John found a vending machine and taped it to the window and stuck his hand through then he pulled out a Snickers Bar. He saw the companys safe and walked towards it.

John taped the black hole to the safe, reached in and felt around inside. He took out a bundle of cash.  With his greed level high, John kept taking out bundles until he felt no more.

He crawled in to see what was left inside.  Suddenly the tape wore out and it fell.
John was stuck inside the safe and he was shocked. He tapped and knocked, But it was night and nobody was there.

I think he got what he deserved and hope nobody finds him. I think he would have been happy because he had his snickers bar. His boss probably found the safes money and would have opened it. John might have been saved. His job might not be.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Visual MIHI About Four Importances In My Life

Kia Ora (Maori) , FakaLofa Lahi Atu (Niuean), Aloha (Hawaiian), Ni Hao (Chinesse), Namaste (Indian), ia orana (Tahitian) and greetings, welcome to you all. My Name is Calvin I am a Year 7 Student at Point England School and as you can see I am in the middle photo above. I have four pictures showing big importance in My Life.

For instance one symbol shows that I am a NRL fan and that I support the New Queensland Cowboys, I am Maori and I really REALLY REALLY love LOVE LOVE UFC.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dangling rope

Non-Puller : If There was a string dangling from the sky would you pull it not knowing it causes something to happen in the world. I wouldn’t pull it no matter how curious or tempted

Here is my opinion, I wouldn’t just in case it does cause something for all I know it could be tied to a meteorite and you could pull it to earth. It could cause a natural disaster. That is why I would not pull it.


If there was a string from the sky I would pull it because I am a risk taker and I would be curious to pull it and see what it does. Thats why I would Pull it.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Step, Pass, Run I boosted it to the try line and try First try of the hour. We were playing touch for sports at school I played in a team of sixteen against a team of 14 it was unfair but the team we were versed won. We played a good game. my friend Rocky dummied the ball and ran straight through a gap but got touched by one of our star players Potaua. The game ended with a whiff of defeat for our team. It was the best game of touch played with three balls! The score was ten to the opposing team and for us ten and a half. I'm just playing it was ten to nine.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Best Day At The Beach!!!

Struggling to walk to the Point England beach with my family in the blood boiling weather. I dragged the chilly bin all the way to the beach. My younger brother waved and yelled “loving the wind.” As he went past in the car. I sighed and dragged the chilly bin along.

We finally got to the beach and to my amazement I was cooled down by the rush of excitement circulating through my body! “Yes.” I yelled and ran to the groyne lying in the centre of the water, I jumped off it and bombed. I stayed there for about an hour and came up to have lunch.

I played on the park for a while spinning, climbing, jumping, running, swinging and falling. I was exhausted for a bit so I ran to the beach again. It was then I noticed that the tide was out so I walked all the way out and swam and jumped far out off the bough.

We are all finally home refreshed and tired stayed up on the computer all night watching clips on youtube. It was The best weekend yet.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lollipop Moments

We watched an inspiring video on youtube called lollipop moments and a man was in the video, he talked leaders and being a leader is not about having power and money but how you can change a life by doing a single act. he told the audience about this one time he changed a girls life.

She was thinking she would not survive in university and told her parents. her parent’s said we’ll see how it is on your first day and if you do not like it we can go home. she was waiting in a line to be enrolled and she knew she couldn’t handle it ,so she turned to her parent’s, then a man walked out of a door holding a charity sign and a bucket full of lollipops. he handed them out to people. It was then she saw the girl, he told the man standing next to the girl to hand a lollipop to her he blushed turned away and held the lollipop out . it was then she really wanted to go to university. four years later she started dating the guy, a year and a half more they were married. That one lollipop moment changed the girl and boys life
that day forward.

One way I can create a lollipop moment is by showing appreciation for their achievements and helping out with things they struggle with.