Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I made My First Site Last week! It was so cool we can upload photos and writing backgrounds and put links for anything YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT !


Monday, December 17, 2012

Kiwis Group Crazy Music Clip

Hat Thinking Net Book Reflection

In Year six we use net books.  We are in our second year of this approach to learning and I could never have imagined school without a net book. we really owe it all to the corporations that helped us to 
reach this achievement.

Some cons about our netbooks are no movie and animating programmes. We are a creative school and animating is a major part of our learn create and share process as well as movie making. Another Problem is the mouse pad and it is hard to draw with so that is why we need mouses.

In the future I could use mine as a gift because Chromebooks will be in soon. We really need mouses and movie and animating programmes in the future and we could solve that by searching the internet and use the internet programme to do so.

So that is my netbook reflection for year six 2012.

Camp Bentzon Rocks!

This is a Movie To show how cool camp was.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Three Minutes Of Closed Fields Effecting Us All

Last term our class was inspired to create a movie about the greif of other people. My friend Wyatt and I created this movie to show how closed fields effected our school and what we would like to happen. Watch this movie and listen to other people's opinion.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Telecom Christmas Tree Lighting Thanks !

Can you believe that Telecom gave us an opportunity to go to the Telecom Christmas tree lighting at Victoria Park. We all enjoyed our free food given to us and buying lots of waffles and Ice-Cream. On a freezing cold night.

We listened to Titanium and two other artists and listened to Oscar Kightley ( albert off siones wedding. ) We wished for Santa to bring us stuff. My Nana Angelo (little brother) And I Enjoyed ourselves.

Oscar Kightley Talked to santa and told us how to turn on the tree. We had to Say Ho Ho Ho. We tried the first time it went a quarter 
Thank You Telecom For that wonderful time and a nice time for me and my family. I have really enjoyed that time and eating delicious food. I really dig listening to Titanium and colouring But to sum it up in three words.Thank You all !