Friday, August 22, 2014

Mr 4

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.26.38 am.pngThe idea or the concept of a mascot is to represent the team or nation that is holding the commonwealth games. A mascot is a person in a costume that is suppose to bring good luck. The mascot for 2010 delhi commonwealth games was Shera the tiger.

This years mascot is a thistle.  Beth Gilmour. the colours are there because the thistle turns purple at the top when fully grown and thistles grow everywhere in Scotland.

This is my design concept for a Mascot if we were to host the Commonwealth Games in NZ

I think the 4 square guy is appropriate for a mascot for the Commonwealth Games because he is a very well known symbol in NZ. he wears Sandals because Kiwis always wear sandals in the summer and he holds fish & chips because when foreign people try to Imitate a kiwi accent they always say fish & chips.

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  1. Calvin, I enjoyed reading your blog today. I am a college student from the United States. We also love our mascots in the United States. My mascot for school is a jaguar. I thought your idea for the next Commonwealth Games mascot was very creative. I do agree when I hear the New Zealand accent that it sounds British to me.


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