Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Dangers And Effects of Marijuana.

For the past two weeks we have been attending the Life Education Caravan to learn about the effects and dangers of drugs and alcohol and what the body does when we make the transition through puberty. We mainly focused on drugs, I have chosen to write about the drug marijuana.

Marijuana, One of the worlds most well known drug. This drug is known as a gateway drug, meaning it introduces other people to more drugs. It is usually the first drug people start off with because it is cheap, you have easy access to it and it is easy to grow, Especially in the sunlight.

The main reason people choose to use marijuana is to fit in, to relieve stress, to escape from all of your negativity, to act cool (but they're not.) and mostly for the effect. I’ve heard marijuana can cause you to laugh a lot and put your body into a state of mind where everything seems weird.

Marijuana is really dangerous because if you choose to do it and Overdose (also known as O.D) can lead to serious brain damage and even death. Over the period of time we spent in the life caravan I have heard many people tell their stories about why they chose to use drugs.

When you choose to do marijuana you are choosing to upset your brain by stuffing up the neurons. For example, the synapse in-between your neurons is like a channel of water if there is a storm the boat cannot make it across as fast as it could. so when you take drugs a storm happens between your neurons in the synapse, therefore the messages your brain is trying to tell you processes slowly and you will get the message 3-5 seconds later.

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