Monday, February 11, 2013

Best Day At The Beach!!!

Struggling to walk to the Point England beach with my family in the blood boiling weather. I dragged the chilly bin all the way to the beach. My younger brother waved and yelled “loving the wind.” As he went past in the car. I sighed and dragged the chilly bin along.

We finally got to the beach and to my amazement I was cooled down by the rush of excitement circulating through my body! “Yes.” I yelled and ran to the groyne lying in the centre of the water, I jumped off it and bombed. I stayed there for about an hour and came up to have lunch.

I played on the park for a while spinning, climbing, jumping, running, swinging and falling. I was exhausted for a bit so I ran to the beach again. It was then I noticed that the tide was out so I walked all the way out and swam and jumped far out off the bough.

We are all finally home refreshed and tired stayed up on the computer all night watching clips on youtube. It was The best weekend yet.

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