Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are sorry for your loss of your city. We all hope that you find your loved ones. Carry on don’t loose your faith, keep a hold of your hope and strive on. Our blessings and prayers will be with you all till the damage has gone. Stay safe and always be ready for another impact to hit.
With all our love up here at Pt England Primary School.
Jacob,Calvin and Rita.


  1. Hi Calvin I have seen you haven't got a comment yet so I'm giving you a comment because it is not fear if my friend dose not get a comment.You are just like me because I feel sorry for Christchurch to and for the people of Christchurch to but that is sad to man lucky it wasn't in Auckland aye.

  2. Hi Calvin
    I like that you feel sorry for Christchurch.I also do.That sounds like a extension project.I thought your one was one of the best.Anyway great work!


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