Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Extention Movie Making

I thoroughly enjoyed writing parts for our script with my group. There were some humourous parts that all of us wrote. I think these parts help people to be entertained when they see our movie about our heritage and the maori cultre.

Right at the beginning of the movie making journey, we got to visit the Auckland museum. We got to listen to professional film makers and people that desing movies. I learnt that there are many parts to making a movie and most of all the editor is one of the hard workers

one other cool thing we did was visit the museum Looking at the coolest galleries. I thought it was cool because we saw a lot of olden day tribes that we could we could use for the setting of our movies.

the best part of this experience I liked doing was acting and doing the parts that I have to do.The parts I mainly have to do was the halerious.

one thing that I was horrible at was organising my costumes . I was bad because I never even tried asking any body if they have costumes and if I could borrow them.

One interesting thing I did was getting to know people better and I enjoyed sharing my knowledge about making movies.

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