Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Camping

With excitement I ran into the van ready to go Easter camping with my family. After a long interesting journey we arrived at my aunty and uncle's house in Helensville. We did lots of cool things there like playing on the computer and park and going outside at night, to toast marshmallows on a bonfire,

The next morning we went to Parakai camping grounds where we tented right in front of shelly beach.We did lots more things like Easter egg hunts and games like fear factor, mark o polo, stuck in the mud, three legged race and lots more. My favorite part was fear factor we had a competition to see who could eat a half a plate of thousands island sauce, marshmallows, biscuits, tuna and salad dressing with our hands behind our backs.I thought it was cool because we all dumped our faces into the plate, I said to my self “This is the best game of fear factor I've ever experienced.” My cousins thought it was revolting but my cousin Shazaria and I thought it was nice.

"Ahhhh it can't be. You bet my record." " Yes !" I said I have a record of twelve seconds

Next we had a campfire and to finish the day we had a game of add on colours (a memory game) before we headed back to have a relaxing sleep.

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