Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Warriors

The warriors is a story of a desperate forced march of a gang that is full of courage and only fights when they have to.the Warriors went to a place called the Bronx for a huge meeting with all the gangs in town like the Hi-Hats,van court land rangers,moon runners ,Boppers ,Riffs ,the punks,base ball furies,and more to make one hundred.At the Bronx a guy called Cyrus got shot by a gang called the rouges once the display was over, all the cops raced in trying to arrest as much as they can.The leader of the rouges (Luther)blamed it on the leader of the Warriors (cleon)so he took down of the some ruges with his elbow until the riffs had beaten him till he died.the rest of the warriors set their journey back to Coney Island their territory.Then a person called Swan became leader because he was war cheif of the gang.On their way home they ran into a gang that was looking out for the warriors because of the blame.they were waiting for their train until they turned their van around so the warriors ran in front of the van and made it up stairs to the train station but the turn bull ac’s chased them up stairs but the warriors made it into the train and slided the door shut when they made it to the next station they ran into some cops so they made a run for it until they found a gang that likes they tusseled it out in the toilets and you guessed it the warriors won the fight.later on they meet a gang called the base ball furies the base ball furies put up a desperate fight but you guessed it the warriors won.then they made it to the train then made their way back to Coney Island when the ruges put a big fight with the leaders so swan threw a knife into Luthers hand for what he did to cleon

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