Wednesday, June 1, 2011

David the tuamanator VS Shane the mountain climber cameron

Bang” oww ouch” I hear there it goes again tua gets him on the ropes tua plants the big left hook “OMG” Cameron is making a come back with his long arms, tua TUA he gets cameron on the ropes with nowhere to go here it comes the left....................ding ding ding ohhh I thought it wouldv’e been a knock out punch but the stupid bell come on Tua you can do it man round two I see the sign, c’mon c’mon don’t let him take you down wooooooo I can hear louder cheering lets go tuamanator yes I said hes stumbling camerons stumbling hes on the ropes jab jab hook upper cut hook right hook here it comes the left hook yes he landed the dominant punch cam got wrapped up by the machine.wooooooh Tua catch more action about wrestling boxing and ufc keep checking my blog. you will find a new post next week.

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