Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Extension Flickr Post

Kia Ora Talofa Malo Malo lelei Fakalofa Lahiatu Namaste Ni Hao Kanichuwa Maganda Umaga Po and Greetings My name is Calvin I am a year 6 at Point England School, I am in room 17 and I am doing an extension project about my self.Feel free to point your cursors on my pictures to see what they are about.
As you can see I have drawn a picture of Brock Lesnar as he is my favourite UFC fighter.If you have noticed my Family is a big fan of tag and we have a team called Last One Standing who have WON 6 TITLES.I come from the smallest lone country New Zealand.I love CarlsJR because of their massive burgers.Their chips remind me of grandmothers baking.Carls JR's Hand Scooped smoothies are so luscious I could drink every single one in the world.Music is ESSENTIAL to my LIFE.I am a christian

Click on this link to find my photo on flickr

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