Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My holiday in KawaKawa

"Wake up wake up were in KawaKawa now,were on our way to waikare".On our way to waikare we stopped for ice-cream I asked for triple choc date.

splash splash when we finished our long lasting adventure I took off my t-shirt and jumped into the fresh water creek and swam with little pillchards.I swam and swam with my jelly arms splashing everywhere making all of my relatives from KawaKawa wet.then after a lifetime my cousin Baby girl finally jumped in the creek.Splash after splash after splash my cousin and I screamed at the top of our lungs “AUNTY WERE HUNGRY.”She never replied so we picked some fresh blackberries from the blackberrie bush so my cousin could make a blackberrie pie.

Vroom Vroom and off we went our car rattled and bumped along the bumpy road.The rattley road is the route to Russel, and in Russel is our favorite beach, long beach.At long beach we go diving for kinas and pauas and our favorites muscles and scallops.Splosh splosh splosh my uncles and I dived under the water swam to the bottom of the ocean treches one by one and grabbed kinas and paua then we scraped the floors looking for scallops and pipis.Crush crush we smashed the big tall rocks out in the ocean getting as many muscles as we can.Then when we finished my whole family from up north and I went fishing,we caught gernads,red snapper,kahowai,mullet and we swam down to get sea crabs about 12 cm long.

Once we finished this exciting day we packed up our sea food collision and drove back to KawaKawa to get some sleep for our 2 weeks more of the up northmania.

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