Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Picnic Is Here

Huhhhh! could you belive the struggle and determination to get five adults to come with us for the school picnic.? Well, Point England school went to the beach to enjoy a lovely free day down at Point England Reserve.I couldn’t belive that we could get 4 adults in 2 days, phew. “Tag.” I was in the middle of running for the try but then out of unexpect, Lee came out of the corner of my eye then I got tagged.”Go Reece Go.”I passed the ball to Reece then he sped past all of them like a freight train stepping and twisting until he passed to me when it was my time to shine.I ran,I stepped,I twisted .Then Try. Ahhhh Finally I could relax.After all the rush and excitement I could relax.I sat and dreamed about what I was going to do next and do at school then finally I decided to go to the beach. I went to the beach for about 40 seconds then walked back up ready to go back to school.We walked back to school feeling fresh and waiting for the next picnic.

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