Thursday, April 26, 2012

Going Eeling Up North

Have you ever caught an Eel up north or anywhere? Well if you haven't and want to know how I caught one then this is the story for you. We went at about 9:30 pm. We walked and used flash lights that stick to our head by elastic bands. All my cousins and I went to a creek called Lady Kawa.

We all jumped in the creek without making big ripples so we don't scare the eels away, then walked around trying to find an eel. It’s pretty hard to find one without scaring them away so we banged on the banks hoping for an eel to come out but nothing happened.

About two hours of constant walking around in the creek trying to spot an eel until finally we spotted a fat one eating algee GROSS!!!. I stabbed the eel watching it squirm around in pain. I really felt sorry.

I tossed it on to the bank and we did a karakea before I stabbed it to kill it. We rolled it around in a bunch of ash to get all the slime off. After a while we hopped back in the creek. My little brother Angelo caught one and we did the same process.

Then after we were finished we walked home and gutted them and we boned it THEN smoked them and had them for breakfast.

After breakfast I went fishing with my uncle Collin and wished to go eeling again. We went home with a bunch of fish too. I really felt  because happy because it was my first time catching an eel.

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