Friday, September 21, 2012

Olympic Day

Knock smack bang my eyes were going back and forth well the ball was going back and forward in a game of four square.The reason why we were playing four square in school time was because it was an event for our school wide Olympic day.we have it every four years like the national Olympics. We are all  separated into different countries.I was in Uganda.

I dressed up in yellow black and orange t-shirts and yellow black and orange shorts as might of thought I was pretty hot in all those clothes but really I wasn’t . heaps of other people were dressed up in sports clothes and some people who put in the extra effort (like me) wore colours or something to do with their country.

We played A range of events such as ultimate Frisbee, three legged soccer, European hand ball (my favourite) and much more.My favourite sport was European hand ball because it is so fun.You have six steps with the ball and every three steps you have to bounce then pass the ball or shoot for the goal.

I highlight for me was spending time with my family who came to support me and my friends as well as showing off my magnificent clothes.I know I am not going to be here in four years time because I will be in college but one day I am going to do that again.

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