Friday, March 2, 2012

A Monday In the Life of Calvin Monday

Awww I have to wake up for school,I angryly stomped down stairs wishing I could stay in bed but my mum said get up and stop being lazy.I had breakfast and made my lunch then off to school.I ran as fast as I could to school hoping my hair wouldn’t be messed up for your worship.I also hope Pat Snedden’s leg was alright from the water accident from his water fight incident. I made it to school for the mayor to arrive so my friends and I could talk to him baecause we are ambassadors.We all were happy when your worship told me I was a superstar.I felt proud,I wish I could scrape my dead skin in a jar because I want to remember the day I firstly presented to the ambassador list 2012.

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  1. Hi Calvin,
    Great writing. It made me smile to read that you are an Ambassador! Wow! Keep up the hard work and wishing you all the best for this year in Year 6.

    From Miss Lavakula


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