Thursday, November 29, 2012

Camp Bentzon Sad Times

Oh man. I can’t believe it’s over, all those fun filled adventures and delicious meals Followed by a great concert. But still Camp Bentzon is over. all those journeys and thrilling sites we are now at school sweet school.

But it was so fun before it was over and one of the best things for me would be wallaby spotting with my two friends Jacob and Isara and Miss garden was our adult.We saw a wallaby up in the hills. Isara chased one and one near the confidence course.

Another highlight was eating Mr Coop’s Delicious meals and especially his bread. His hot dogs were yum. Burgers were delicious. and our last meal of filled rolls and chocolate fish, but every breakfast I would have muesli with fruit and honey.

A thrilling new activity for me was sailing. I learnt how to solo sail and a lot of helpful techniques and tips. We sailed to a pontoon then to typhoon a orange buoy and back to our green boat shed.

We also completed a confidence course. It wasn’t that hard to complete it because we only had to climb up a slant way ladder, and a rope ladder, monkey bars, swinging on a rope to a bank, a rope bridge and then one when you balance to a bunch of hanging tyres where you swing across them to a rope when you then slide down.

We also tried a lot of different activities such as kayaking, raft making, volley ball, bush baseball, bivouac, spotlight, Rippa rugby, Bombing off the pontoon and wharf, orienteering, Burma Trail and movie night.

unfortunately our four nights there are over we will see Kawau island sometime soon. But for now i’ll just concentrate on school and home. I have really enjoyed this experience.

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