Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Our class did triathlon for fun. First we had a practise and then we did the real one.I didn't come anywhere but it was fun.

 “GO!” was all I heard when I slid across the water slide for Triathlon, the reason we slid on the water slide was because we weren't at the beach. I slid to the end with a serge of excitement rushing through my body.I went around once, twice, three times, four times, five times until we were told to run for transition. Transition means change area.

 We clicked on our helmet and walked our bikes out of transition. I pedaled with all the strength in my legs. I did one lap on the field then two. I pushed my bike in to transition.

READY TO RUN. “You can do it.” was what I was saying to my self trying to boost my confidence.I ran to the end with happiness over whelming me. “Yeah.” said Howard with a hand shake and a pat on the back.

 Unfortunately I didn't come First second or third But I still tried my hardest and that is what counts in a Triathlon. I walked back to class feeling good about myself and for my friend Howard for coming first.

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