Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Walking across the Warehouse I was deciding what fireworks I was going to buy with my bit of money. Carelessly noticing what my little brother Angelo was going to get. Then with no warning my mother said that we were going so I just grabbed one of those and one of these and there you know it, my mind was made up. Skadadling with my brother and mother to our car.
I had sore arms from carrying a Big boom box, a fountain fiesta a black bad boy and two sparkler packs. Angelo had his load as well. My mother just got an Astro blazer for the family at my nana’s house because they weren't celebrating Guy Fawkes.A demolition family pack is all we needed  for my little brother and sister and the one and only dad. My brother and I talked all the way home about what we are going to do with our fireworks. My mother talked about what we had to do before we lit them by our selves, and friends.

The whole neighbour hood came to enjoy a fun filled night with us. I really loved how my friend came and showed support by bringing his box.
KABOOM!  Light filled the sky with, rays of colour here and rays of colour there. We sat back lighting little cascades and throwing them onto the ground. My friend made a bomb with a bottle and made a small crater in the grass.

Guy Fawkes was the best !

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  1. They are expensive aren't they, much better when people can get together and make it a bigger event. Glad your neighbours joined in.
    Love your use of descriptive language Calvin.


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