Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush

                                                                 based on a true story.

Long ago in a small place called Waikare bush It was grey and dismal outside But that didn’t stop us going hunting with our uncle Collin. Angelo and I were out hunting as well. We scoured the bush clinging the knife tightly with our teeth as well as holding a slug gun.

We searched high and low to find a Sow or a wild Cow or even a Boar. “here piggy piggy piggy piggy.” My uncle said continuiously.Until we heard a snap. we turned around to see  a moving bush, when it stopped we saw another bush moving, then another, then another. Until...My little brother angelo jumped out.

“You almost gave me a heart attack then Boy.” my uncle said. We saw a bush moving then we turned around and said “Angelo get out of there.”
“Im over here said angelo.”
My Uncle turned around with a small grin on his face and a gleam in his eye. He winked at us with his slug gun pointing directly at the bush. With the sound of angelo nibbling on his teeth. Angelo Whispered “Can we go home.” My uncle said “Herenga ki te whetu.” champions never give up. A silence broke through out the bush.

Suddenly a giant wild Boar dashed towards us, my uncle shot and CLICK, He forgot to load. I leaped onto a tree stump grabbed the knife from my mouth and Jumped with a frantic surge of panic going up my spine, I stabbed the pig in the back. he ran for uncle still when it trembled to the ground right in front of uncle collins knee.

I jumped with joy with my uncle sighing because angelo went missing. We looked every where and even in creeks. When we heard a faint noise from a distance calling “Calvin Uncle.”We ran as fast as we could.we found a cave with angelo trapped in between two rocks.”How did you get in there boy.” Uncle said. I was up top hiding when it cracked and collapsed. About then we were worried that angelo was a gonner when we could hear a cracking. The top of the cave was about to crack and now the pressure was on. we shot the rocks with all the bullets we had but they were only slug guns. We hacked at the rocks but they did no effect so I thought of something crazy.Using the tusk of the boar we loaded the slug gun and shot seven  pieces of the tusk one at a time when crack. The rock broke and Angelo ran out and hugged us.the rocks fell and we sighed with relife. “Phew.”

We walked home with a boar around my neck and we all went to bed full from dinner. I thought of what would’ve happened to angelo if we never caught that boar. when flash I woke up to see that it was just a dream.

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