Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Matty Bowen

“Fend Oh Matty Bowen straight across the face of Lachlan Coote.” He is my favourite player.this famous guy was named the best full back. He was NRL’s top try scorer two times.These times were in 2005 and 2007. Matt has played ten games for queensland in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.The name I call him is Matty bowen. Matty is an inspiration to my uncle and I.

 Mathew jeremy bowen was born on 9th of march 1982.Matty Bowen grew up in Cape York a place in an aussie community in Hopevile. He went to Abogowrie college by ingham. At the age of twelve Bowen played leauge as a school boy. He was so good he caught the eye of NRL clubs in Sydney and Brisbane.In 2000 Matty Bowen starred in the Cowboys.

 Matty Bowen made his first grade debut to NRL in 2001 febuary the 17th the cowboys arch enemys the brisbane broncos. In townsville dairy farmers stadium.In 2003 he rep’d Queensland in state of origin.

 here a list of his achivements.2005: Leading tryscorer (21) 2007: Leading tryscorer, top this in REAL NRL 22, 2007: Dally M Fullback of the Year, 2007: Rugby League Professionals Association's Player of the Year, 2007: Cowboys' Player of the Year, 2007: North Queensland Cowboys Player's Player of the Year, 2011: Most matches played for the North Queensland Cowboys with a stunning record of 204. I don’t think any one could top that much records except for benji marshall or billy slater.

 The best try from Bowen for me was when he was about 30 metres from the try line and then suddenly. POP the ball came out of the scrum he dummyed then ran all the way from the scrum and goose stepped and then. TRY.heres a clip of it The second try is the one I like. The best fend from him was in the panthers game with lachlan coote.He smacked his hand in his shoulder and coote went flying back and matty gassed it to the tryline. Then TRY.

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  1. Great paragraphing - you have a main idea which you expand on in several sentences each time.
    Your enthusiasm for your subject comes through too. How could anyone read this and not be converted to a Matty Bowen fan!
    The next step is to check those capital letters. There are some names, dates and sentences without capitals.


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