Monday, June 18, 2012

Skull Reflection.

I attempted to copy the original painting of Skull by Vincent Van Gogh.  I  used paint brush strokes the same way, though the elements are not quite the same. I think that my colours are good but mine does not look like his that much. The way he used his techniques to make the shading light and dark is pretty good and I think I done well with that to.

The similarities between my painting and Van Gogh’s picture is the background because I faintly showed the detail in the brush strokes. I made the shadowing the same by pressing hard to make the paint go darker and lightly brushed it to make it light.

Another thing I thought was good is the detail of the crack on the skull because it is thick in the places it needs to be, and small in the places it doesn’t.  I made it shaped the way it needs to go as well.

The difference between my working and Van Goghs are the brush strokes, because my ones go in a circular pattern, and his are horizontal. I think I still made mine look like his though. I felt proud of it still.

I think Van Gogh trying to tell us that he is death and  Skull’sl painting.  He felt that time he painted this picture and he thinks life is like the painting to him.

I am not happy with the fact that I used too much black on the outlines and the fact that I made the skull to small because Van Goghs almost takes up the whole paper.

By painting over it and make my skull  larger because he paints things big and bald because if he was alive he would tell me to make it bigger

I feel happy about my painting because it was my second attempt at painting and I enjoyed it.

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  1. Hi it is Zyrin
    you did a good painting of the skelatin. you gust need to try and get the right shape on the head. bye.


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