Wednesday, February 5, 2014

W.A.L.T Add Detail To My Sentences

WALT:add detail to my sentences.

while I was walking to school I was a bit anxious and hoping that I wouldn't be in a class with friends that could steer me in the wrong direction and a boring class. I went to the hall for our school Immersion assembly
I saw lots of my friends even ones from a whole range of schools. Embarassing as it is I went to the wrong class for the first half of the day, because there were two calvin's and I went to the wrong Calvin's class. The rest of the day was better I settled into my propper class better.

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  1. Firstly Calvin well done you have added detail to your sentences and it definitely makes for an interesting read and really gives me insight in to how you were feeling.
    Secondly I am really pleased to see that you have come back with such a great attitude, I'm really looking forward to seeing you push yourself this year and achieve the results I know you are capable of.
    Mrs Nua


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