Friday, November 15, 2013

Future Aspiration

Yesterday we had a future aspiration talk. It was boring until we started talking about fitness and getting money. we listened to lots of people talk about their jobs and what they do. They tried to inspire us to do something awesome, like not live a life that was created but to live your own life.

 Mosa Mafileo was the most fun to listen to because he could tell us about his job in a fun way for people our age. He gave us a dollar if we could answer his questions like what culture was he, why he died his hair (because his hair used to be grey.)

We were all buzzing out when we heard about Tristan Pang. a twelve year old boy who is going to university next year AT 13 YEARS OLD. He is a real REAL Brainy kid that excels in mathematics and science he was buzzing.

Over all I rate it a 7/10.

I want to carry on kick boxing when I get older and become a professional kick boxer.

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