Friday, June 21, 2013

The Dojo Of The Greats

Mr Cracker was taking his next stretch to grasp tenuously for a precariously perched rock. He took a final reach, he gripped and strained to pull himself over the rocky ledge. He walked for Hours to find the Dojo of the greats. A drip of sweat rolled down his relieved face when he made it.

Reaching the Dojo the boy Knocked on the towering door. He was anxious about who would answer.The sensei Of the dojo answered with a small grunt and pointed away to his left. He Made all this progress for nothing. Okay Now He’s sad, He slumped his shoulders and limped away from the door

Ahh. He thinks that he must meditate to prove he’s worthy to enter.... All night and day he sat. Creeak... He opened his eye to see the sensei staring down at him. He smiled, and the Sensei pointed away again.

His anger took over him and his eyes were angry. He walked back and kicked The door and challenged the sensei. He positioned himself and guess what? The sensei pointed away again. The boy gasped and looked where the sensei was pointing. It was to a sign that said use the side entrance.

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