Friday, April 5, 2013

Apply The Sauce!

“WOOOOO”! Spongebob Screamed at the top of his lungs well surfing the wild wet waves at goo lagoon. He fell off knowing he had done a great job. But For patrick (stupid one) he was up. “APPLY THE SAUCE.” Patrick exclaimed in a deep low voice. He took out a a bottle of sea sauce (glue). Patrick glued his feet to the board so he won’t fall off and it was time to ride the barreling waves! Riding he yelled I will not be separated, I will not be separated. He was determined to carve up this wave and make it to the end. “ROOOCK.” Patrick screamed he smashed into it with a loud thud and.... tore from his body and his skin followed they both fell on the beach. his skeleton saw some of the surfboard glued to his feet and called out “nice sandals.” “thanks.” replied the skin of Patrick.

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